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how to properly store lifepo4 batteries

How to Store LiFepo4 Batteries?

    Storage Environment LiFePO4 batteries should be stored indoor with a dry and clean environment at 0 ℃~35 ℃(32℉~95℉). Avoiding contact with corrosive substances and staying away from fire and heat source. Regular Charging The LiFePO4 batteries should be charged and discharged every 6 months. The… Read More »How to Store LiFepo4 Batteries?

    American Wire Gauge Conductor Size Table

    AWG Conductor Size Table

      What is AWG? American wire gauge (AWG) is a standardized wire gauge system for the diameters of round, solid, nonferrous, electrically conducting wire. The larger the AWG number or wire guage, the smaller the physical size of the wire. The smallest AWG size is 40… Read More »AWG Conductor Size Table

      How to charge LiFePO4 battery?

      How to charge LiFePO4 battery?

        It is best to use a dedicated LiFePO4 battery charger to charge LiFePO4 battery. High quality LiFePO4 chargers ensure high performance and long battery life. The characteristics of LiFePO4 battery cells The essence of LiFePO4 battery charging is to charge LiFePO4 battery cells. So it is… Read More »How to charge LiFePO4 battery?