DIY Assembly Kit for 16-Cell 48V LiFePO4 Battery Pack


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This is a DIY assembly kit for a 16-cell 48V LiFePO4 battery pack.
Parts include:

1, JBD 16-cell 48V 100Ah BMS JBD-SP25S003 x1;

2, 125A ANL fuse x3 and ANL fuse holder x1.

3, ATS fuse 5A x 50pcs, 10A x 50pcs, 30A x 50pcs, 40A x 50pcs, and ATS fuse holder.

4, Torque Wrench 2-15N.m x1;

5, 8 AWG wire, red 10m, black 10m.

6, Heat shrinkable tubing.


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