DC Buck Converter 17V-58V to 12V


DC to DC Converter

17V-58V Input, 12V Output

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DC Buck Converter 17V-58V to 12V

Product Specification:

Input Voltage: 17V-58V

Output Voltage: 12V

Output Current: 2A-15A(Based on different model)

Conversion Efficiency: 96%

Waterproof Rating: IP68

Buck Mode: Non-isolated buck regulator module

Operating Temperature: -20℃ ~ 80℃


48mm x 25mm x 20mm(2A version)

48mm x 37mm x 28mm(3A version)

62mm x 37mm x 28mm(6A version)

58mm x 50mm x 36mm(10A/15A version)

Wire Length: 15cm

Weight1 kg

17V-58V Input, 12V 2A Output, 17V-58V Input, 12V 3A Output, 17V-58V Input, 12V 6A Output, 17V-58V Input, 12V 10A Output, 17V-58V Input, 12V 15A Output


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