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What is the Best BMS

What is the best BMS

    What is the best BMS is a question that requires a lot of time to study. Especially when designing a battery pack for the first time. So in this article, we will show you what is the best BMS and what trusted BMS brands are… Read More »What is the best BMS

    JBD 48V 100A BMS SP25S003 Specification

    JBD 48V 100A BMS Specification

      JBD-SP25S003 is an intelligent BMS solution designed by Jiabaida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. for 13-25 series battery packs of power batteries, electric bicycles,electric motorcycles, etc.; it can be applied to lithium batteries with different chemical properties, such as lithium Ion, lithium polymer, lithium iron phosphate,… Read More »JBD 48V 100A BMS Specification