JBD 48V 100A BMS SP25S003 Specification
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JBD 48V 100A BMS Specification

    JBD-SP25S003 is an intelligent BMS solution designed by Jiabaida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

    for 13-25 series battery packs of power batteries, electric bicycles,electric

    motorcycles, etc.; it can be applied to lithium batteries with different chemical properties, such

    as lithium Ion, lithium polymer, lithium iron phosphate, etc. The BMS has strong loading capacity,

    and the maximum continuous discharge current can reach 100A.

    Main Features

    ● 13-25 cells in series protection

    ● Various protection functions for charging and discharging

    ● Hardware discharge overcurrent and short circuit protection function processing

    ● Discharge control switch and pre-discharge function

    ● Software over-voltage, under-voltage, temperature, and overload protection function processing

    ● Precise SOC calculation with automatic SOC learning function

    ● RS485 communication function, which can read all data of battery in real time, and online upgrade

    ● RS485 and UART (Bluetooth) can work at the same time.

    More details please download the specification(datasheet).

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