How to Properly Maintain LiFePO4 Battery Pack
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How to Properly Maintain LiFePO4 Battery Pack

    Proper maintenance of LiFePO4 battery pack will not only allow LiFePO4 to work stably, but also to get more cycle life.

    Let’s take a look at what effective maintenance measures we can take for DIY LiFePO4 battery packs.

    1, Use the right charger

    Please use a special LiFePO4 charger when choosing a charger. Other types of battery chargers may exceed the charging voltage of LiFePO4 batteries and damage them.(How to charge LiFePO4 battery?)

    LiFePO4 battery charger

    2, Use the battery in the best SOC range

    Although LiFePO4 batteries allow users to use them until they are completely dead without causing immediate damage to the battery, there is still an optimal charge/discharge range.

    The best SOC range for LiFePO4 is 10%-90%. To be able to keep the internal chemistry of LiFePO4 working stably, it is recommended to set the charge to 90% SOC to stop charging and to stop discharging at 10% SOC.

    You can set this range easily with BMS, charger or inverter.

    Also, it is recommended to perform a full charge every 6 months.

    3, Avoid high current discharge

    Unlike lead-acid batteries that can easily output high current, LiFePO4 maximum continuous output current is usually 1C (What does “C” Rating for LiFePO4 battery cell Mean?) , and the maximum pulse current is 2C (can last 30 seconds).

    So pay attention to the relationship between load and battery pack capacity, if the load needs more than 1C current, please consider increasing the number of parallel battery packs to reduce the pressure on a single battery pack.

    Using LiFePO4 battery pack below the rated maximum discharge current is beneficial to extend the cycle life.

    4, Using BMS

    Many users find that their battery packs seem to work fine without the use of BMS. This is because most of the battery cells are consistent at the factory and the SOC state is close. It is close to a balanced state.

    However, we still recommend using a BMS because the BMS has multiple protection features to prevent LiFePO4 from being overcharged and overdischarged.

    It can also equalize the cells and calculate SOC and other information.

    Using BMS can help you protect the battery pack from damage and can help you keep track of the battery pack usage.

    diy LiFePO4 battery pack - BMS

    5, Suitable working environment temperature

    Ambient temperature affects LiFePO4 battery pack greatly.

    Ambient temperature affects LiFePO4 battery pack greatly.
    In order to avoid damage, please use it in the range of 0℃~60℃.

    LiFePO4 will be damaged when charging below 0℃, so please charge it above 0℃.(Why You Cannot Charge LiFePO4 Battery Cell Under 0°C(32°F)?)

    In the cold winter, it is necessary to heat the environment around the battery pack to protect the LiFePO4 battery.

    6, Proper compression for cells

    LiFePO4 battery will be delaminated during the working process. And delamination will lead to the expansion of the battery as well as capacity reduction.

    Applying pressure to the battery cells can prevent delamination from occurring, thus extending the battery cycle life.

    According to the specifications of the battery cell, it is best to add a force of 300 kgf (kilogram-force) on the battery cells.


    With the above points, you can protect the LiFePO4 LiFePO4 battery pack well and make it work for you at its maximum potential.

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