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How to Compress LiFePO4 Battery Cells?

    Why do I need to compress the LiFePO4 battery cells?

    It is to prevent delamination of the internal components.

    Delamination can lead to reduced battery life and additional stress on the electrical terminals.

    Internal forces are constantly acting on the thin aluminum case, which is not strong enough to resist these forces.

    Lack of compression can lead to LiFePO4 battery cells damage such as swelling and premature battery failure.

    Properly increasing external pressure can effectively extend the life of LiFePO4 battery cells.

    This is also evident from the specification of the EVE LF280N.


    The standard test environment is conducted under a 300kgf fixture.

    How to make a cell compression fixture

    There are two easy way for DIY fixtures.

    1, Using short boards and tapes

    You can use a wooden board or hard plastic board as the end plate.

    Use the tape to lock the cell cells first.

    Then put the board/hard plastic board on both sides together and lock it with tape.

    2. Threaded Rods and End Plates

    Threaded rods can be purchased at your local hardware store.

    Use threaded rods and end plates to tighten the battery.

    You can also add coil springs, additional reinforcement and many other methods to create a smoother and more uniform compression fixture.


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