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Battery Power Calculator

    How to calculate battery pack power?

    For DIYers planning to build a solar energy system, determining solar panel power and battery pack power is the first step.

    The most cost effective battery pack solution is a DIY battery pack using LiFePO4 battery cells.

    LiFePO4 is usually labeled in terms of voltage (V) and capacity (Ah), e.g. LF280K is labeled at 3.2V 280Ah.

    However, we prefer to use power to labeled the battery pack when designing solar energy systems.

    So it requires conversion to power (Wh) based on battery voltage (V) and capacity (Ah).

    The conversion formula is

    Battery Power (kWh) = Battery Voltage (V) * Battery Capacity (Ah) / 1000

    For example,

    the power of a 12V 280Ah battery pack is

    Power (kWh) = 12(V) * 280(Ah)/1000= 3.36kWh

    In the design phase of a solar energy system, you may often need to calculate the total power of a battery pack with different capacities of battery cells to find the optimal pack design solution.

    So for convenience, we have designed this battery pack power calculator.

    You can enter the battery cell capacity and the connection method of the battery cells to calculate how many battery cells you need and what the total power of the battery pack is.

    There are many Lithium Iron Phosphate battery suppliers, but Energie Panda provides you brand new grade A cells.

    Any question and inquiries please send email to, we answer quickly.

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